Occupancy and Vacancy Sensors

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Occupancy & Vacancy Sensors

When lights are left on in empty rooms, energy and money are wasted. One of the easiest ways to save energy is to replace standard switches with occupancy or vacancy sensors.


Eaton has a broad offering of Occupancy as well California Title 20 compliant Vacancy Sensors. Occupancy Sensors automatically turn lights ON when the sensor detects the presence of a person and will automatically turn lights OFF when no presence is detected for a specified amount of time.


These sensors are great for rooms that are often entered while carrying things, where it’s common for people to forget to turn lights OFF or where the switch location may be inconvenient. Laundry rooms, storage rooms, bathrooms, hallways, office spaces and garages are excellent examples. Depending on where they are used, sensors can help you save up to 80% energy!