Eaton's Connected Home

Learn more about Eaton's connected home offering including the new home automation hub.

Motor control disconnect codes and standards

New features and benefits of Eaton's X-Switch make it the ideal solution for harsh environments.

How to install the home automation hub

Guide to what comes with Eaton's home automation hub and steps to install the hub.

How to reset the home automation hub

Step by step guide to reseting the home automation hub.

How to uninstall a Z-Wave device to the home automation hub

Learn how to unistall Eaton's home automation hub from a Z-Wave device.

How to connect the home automation hub to Amazon Alexa

Learn how simple it is to connect your home automation hub to Amazon Alexa for easy voice control.

Anyplace Switch How-To Video

How to program the Anyplace Switch

Anyplace Switch Overview Video

Anyplace switch gives you the flexibility of quickly installing a switch where one does not exist, on any flat surface, without running wire.

AFCI Educational Video

Understanding the 2014 National Electrical Code® for AFCI Protection.

Innovations in Lighting featured on Designing Spaces Video

Visit a home in Georgia that uses LED lighting, not only functionally, but for part of the homeowner’s interior design.

The ArrowLink Advantage Video

Let us show you the ArrowLink Advantage with our video featuring application and product specific features and benefits.

Arrow Hart Non-Metallic Portable Outlet Boxes Video

Arrow Hart's unique line of non-metallic
portable outlet boxes are ideal for temporary power applications in demanding, harsh environments.

Arrow Hart Watertight Plugs, Connectors & Receptacles Video

Arrow Hart's complete line of watertight electrical plugs, connectors and receptacles provide superior watertight connections.

X-Switch Motor Control Disconnect

The rugged design of Eaton’s Arrow Hart X-Switch has been enhanced to offer features you demand for reliable motor control in the most unforgiving environments.

Introduction to USB-C

Eaton’s USB-C duplex receptacle offers fast, convenient and efficient charging of Type –C devices including smart phones, tablets and more in residential and commercial environments.

AFGF Sales Tools

Eaton’s combined AFCI/GFCI technology provides fire and electrical safety in one device. Available in both receptacles and breakers.

Holmes with the home automation hub

Mike Holmes Sr., Mike Holmes Jr., & Sherry Holmes show you how Eaton's home automation hub is a powerful gateway for your connected home.

USB Family Video

Innovative solutions for fast and convenient charging! This innovative line quickly and conveniently charges smart phones, tablets, e-readers, cameras, MP3 players and more.

How to connect the home automation hub to Wi-Fi

Learn how to connect the home automation hub to Wi-Fi with step by step instructions.

How to install a Z-Wave device to the home automation hub

Learn how to connect Eaton's home automation hub to a Z-Wave device.

How to  create a scene with the home automation hub

Learn how to create a simple "good night" scene with Eaton's home automation hub.

Quick Look at Eaton's Connected Home

Learn how Eaton's home automation hub can make your connected home a reality.

Innovations in Lighting and Control for Today’s Homeowners

Informative tips and suggestions on the latest advancements and innovations in energy efficient LED lighting and lighting controls for your home.

Pin & Sleeve Video

Pin & Sleeve Devices feature sturdy nylon construction,  rugged design and IP69K protection that keeps you feeling confident in even the most severe washdown environment.

AL Series Dimmers Video

AL Series dimmers offer a versatile option for any dimming application and allow fine tuning for optimal compatibility with all common lighting loads, including LED, CFL, MLV, ELV, Incandescent, and Fluorescent.

Tamper Resistant Receptacles featured on Designing Spaces Video

Discover how to install a TR receptacle to help keep children safe from electrical injury and provide better protection than traditional receptacles.

Build to Spec Video

Build-To-Spec devices eliminate work in the field by modifying devices before installation.

Commercial Lighting Controls Sales Tools

Reduce energy consumption, simplify code compliance and increase comfort with Eaton’s commercial lighting control solutions designed to help commercial and institutional customers. 

Commercial Ceiling Sensors

Eaton’s line of commercial lighting controls now offers commercial ceiling sensors available in either ceiling or wall/corner mount, these sensors enhance energy savings by offering self-sensing features.


Quiet Fan Speed Controls

Eaton now has a complete line of 1.5A quiet fan speed controls including decorator, toggle and rotary style devices that are equipped with noise reduction circuitry to reduce fan motor humming at lower speeds.


Universal Dimmer Sensors

Our universal load occupancy and vacancy dimmer sensors are code compliant and cost-effective solutions that allow motion sensing and dimming for residential lighting applications.