Industrial Grade Toggle Switches Lighted


Industrial Grade Toggle Switches Lighted Back and Side Wire cam action mechanism insures quiet switch action. Tapered lead-in slots on back wiring holes assist in gathering stranded wires for faster, more secure connections. Automatic grounding system eliminates need for bonding jumper in grounded metal enclosure. Ground screw terminal standard. 0.050" (1.27mm) thick steel mounting strap zinc-plated for corrosion resistance. 120/277V/AC rating ideal for fluorescent lighting fixtures typical in commercial applications. Combination slot/Phillips head mounting and terminal screws ease installation with power screwdrivers (slot/Robertson screws in Canada where available).

Catalog Number AH1201LT, AH1203LT, AH1221LT, AH1223LT
Wiring Type Single-Pole, 3-Way
Wiring Method Lighted, Back Wire & Side Wire
Rating 15A 120/277V
Product Colors Colors may vary per product. For ordering, include Cat. No. followed by the color code: V (Ivory), W (White).