Isolated Ground TVSS with LED Indicators - IG5250_S, IG5350_S


Commercial Grade - Isolated Ground TVSS Receptacles with LED Indicators provide surge protection for hot to neutral, hot to ground and neutral to ground. High impact thermoplastic construction. 8-hole back and side wired. Shallow depth for easy installation. Green LED indicators to verify surge protection and ground. Grounding system fully isolated from common building ground.

Catalog Number IG5250__S, IG5350__S
Wiring Method Back Wire & Side Wire
Rating 15A 125V, NEMA 5-15, 20A 125V, NEMA 5-20
Product Colors Colors may vary per product. For ordering receptacles, include Cat. No. followed by the color code: BL (Blue), GY (Gray), RN (Orange), V (Ivory), W (White).