ArrowLink Receptacle Connectors - MCR125SOL, MCR125STR, MCR250SOL, MCR250STR


ArrowLink Receptacle Connectors. Arrow Hart’s factory terminated ArrowLink system revolutionizes device installation, unleashing groundbreaking labor savings in installation and maintenance by eliminating traditional pigtailing, terminal connections and taping. Use ArrowLink on your next job to reduce labor costs, eliminate installation errors, save money and win! Connectors shipped with re-usable protective covering that allows circuit testing while protecting the connection from foreign matter. Available in solid wire or stranded wire.

Catalog Number MCR125SOL, MCR125STR, MCR250SOL, MCR250STR


  • Leaded ArrowLink plug preserves the structural integrity of the base wiring device.
  • Plug and connector design provides first make/last break grounding connection.
  • One-piece impact resistant connector for maximum durability during rough-in.
  • Polybag connector cover shields contacts from paint and drywall mud.
  • Audible click indicates secure connection.
  • Plug leads #12AWG stranded copper; connector leads #12AWG, solid or stranded copper.

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