Interlocks 100A


Pin & Sleeve Mechanical Interlocks are factory-wired in a single unit for easy installation. Watertight Pin & Sleeve Mechanical Interlocks provide an interlocked switch and overload protection within an enclosure that prevents plugs from being engaged or disengaged under load.

Catalog Number CD3100MI4W, CD3100MI6W, CD3100MI7W, CD4100MI12W, CD4100MI9W, CD4100MI7W, CD4100MI5W, CD5100MI9W, CD5100MI7W, CD5100MI5W


  • Compact design fits in the web of an I-beam, the smallest footprint in the industry
  • Switch handles are designed to comply with OSHA lockout/tagout requirements
  • Unique locking mechanism ensures that switch can only be energized when plug is fully mated
  • Rugged Valox® housing provides superior corrosion and impact resistance
  • Hidden hinge system allows full access to internal switch terminations and provides a clean solution in 4x environments
  • Poured-in seamless gasket and tongue and groove design yields the ultimate seal against moisture and contamination
  • Blank enclosures without pre-drilled entries allow maximum installation flexibility; watertight hub and double grounding blocks provided
  • Dual mounting capability using corner mounting holes or supplied mounting feet
  • Available with option fuses and/or circuit breakers for additional circuit protection