Manual Motor Controllers Double-Pole Single-Phase 20/30 Amp - AH6808UDAC, AH6808FDAC, AH6808GDAC, AH6808WDAC


Industrial Grade - Manual Motor Controllers Double-Pole, Single-Phase, 20/30 Amp Side wired screw. Compact design provides extra wiring room for easy, fast installation. Easy-to-read electrical ratings on rugged steel mounting straps ensure accurate identification. Highly visible “ON/OFF” markings on large, rugged toggles make the switch easy to operate and reduce the risk of errors. Cam and roll design provides dependable, trouble-free switch action. Distinct wire pockets and thick-wall arc barriers prevent strands from straying. Robust, single-piece, moveable and stationary contact arms with large silver-cadmium buttons limit heat build-up for excellent continuity and long life. Screw and clamp or box lug terminals to meet individual project requirements.

Catalog Number AH6808UDAC, AH6808FDAC, AH6808GDAC, AH6808WDAC
Configuration Double Pole, Single-Phase, 20/30 Amp
Wiring Method Back & side wired screw
Rating 20A 600V/AC, 30A 250V/AC


  • Two-Position, Maintained Contact, Single Throw
  • Horsepower Rated for Motor Loads per UL 508: 120V/AC 2HP, 240V/AC 3HP, 480V/AC 5HP, 600V/AC 7.5HP