Specification Grade Heavy Duty Switchpacks provide 15 VDC operating voltage to all low voltage, 15 VDC, occupancy sensors and daylighting controllers. A single switchpack can provide power for up to five sensors. Up to ten switchpacks can be connected to one sensor for control of multiple circuits. Isolated contacts may also be used to control HVAC, contactors, motors, etc. The switchpack is designed to work with low voltage sensors which require switchpacks. It cannot be used with sensors designed for use with any other low voltage relay systems.

Catalog Number AHSP20-MV
Load Types Electronic and Magnetic Fluorescent ballasts, and Electrical motor loads.
Product Colors Black


  • California Title 24 compliant.
  • Capable of switching up to 20 amps.
  • Replaces separate transformers and relays.
  • Reduces installation expense.
  • Suitable for plenum installations.
  • Zero-crossing technology to maximize relay life and ensure wall switch longevity.
  • Mount on or in a 4sq. junction box, via 1/2" nipple.