ASPIRE RF 1000W ELV/FLR Smart Dimmer - RF9537-N

RF9537-N - 1000W Electronic Low-Voltage/Fluorescent Smart Dimmer ASPIRE RF Dimmers replace regular switches to provide local and remote ON/OFF/DIM/BRIGHT control and are compatible with Electronic Low-Voltage lighting loads. Aspire RF Dimmers provide other programmable functions (scenes, events, association, child lockout, etc.) when used with ASPIRE RF or other Z-Wave compliant controllers*. 

(*Note: Some specific ASPIRE RF features may not be programmable)

Catalog Number RF9537-N
Wiring Types Single Pole, 3-Way, 4-Way
Load Types Electronic Low Voltage
Wattage 1000W, 120V/AC 60Hz
Product Colors For ordering, include Cat No. followed by the color code: Designer Dimmer: AW (Alpine White), DS (Desert Sand), SG (Silver Granite), WS (White Satin). Decorator Dimmer: DBK (Black), DLA (Light Almond), DW (White).


  • Can be manually and remotely controlled by commands sent from an ASPIRE RF controller (RFTDCSG, RFHDCSG, RFBER) or other Z-Wave compatible controllers or programs
  • Utilizes existing 120V/AC, 60Hz standard house wiring
  • Fits into standard wallboxes
  • No new wiring needed
  • Can be configured to work with Mark 10, Ambistar and Tu-Wire dimmable fluorescent ballasts