Z-Wave Wireless Dimmer, AL Series

Eaton’s Z-Wave Wireless Dimmer replaces a standard switch or dimmer to provide local and remote ON/OFF/DIM/BRIGHT control and is compatible with Incandescent, Magnetic Low-Voltage, Electronic Low-Voltage, LED, CFL and FLR lighting loads. Eaton's Z-Wave dimmers provide advanced programmable functions (scenes, events, association, child lockout etc.) when used with Eaton’s Home Automation Hub or compatible Z-Wave Controller.

  • Neutral Required for installation
  • Adjustable low level and high level trim setting for increased compatibility and energy savings
  • Seven step blue LED display alongside push pad indicates selected light level and reduces brightness when OFF
  • Can be associated with up to 5 other devices
  • Programmable delayed OFF mode up to 4 minutes (default is 10 seconds)
  • Patented indicator system alerts if switch is not set up in the network
  • Compatible with Z-Wave accessory switch (RF9542-Z and RF9575) for wireless 3-way control eliminating the need for traditional 3-way wiring (up to 5 locations)
Catalog Number RF9540-N
Wiring Types Single Pole & Multi-Location
Lighting loads LED, CFL, Incandescent, Magnetic low-voltage, Electronic low voltage, Fluorescent, Halogen
Electrical Ratings 120Vac, 60Hz; Dimmable LED/CFL: 300 Watts; INC, HAL, FLR, MLV, ELV: 600 Watts
Product Colors For ordering, include Cat No. followed by the color code: Designer Dimmer: AW (Alpine White), DS (Desert Sand), SG (Silver Granite), WS (White Satin). Decorator Dimmer: DBK (Black), DLA (Light Almond), DW (White).