ASPIRE RF All Load Smart Dimmer - RF9540-N

Aspire RF™ Dimmers replace regular switches to provide local and remote
ON/OFF/DIM/BRIGHT control and are compatible with Incandescent, Magnetic Low-Voltage, Electronic Low-Voltage, LED, CFL and FLR lighting loads. Aspire RF Dimmers provide other programmable functions (scenes, events, association, child lockout, etc.) when used with Aspire RF or other Z-Wave® compliant controllers*. Each dimmer can be manually and remotely controlled by commands sent from an Aspire RF controller (RFTDCSG, RFHDCSG, RFTCP) or other Z-Wave compatible controllers or programs. Aspire RF Dimmers utilize existing 120 V/AC 60Hz standard house wiring and fit into standard wallboxes. No new wiring needed.
(*Note: some specific Aspire RF features may not be programmable)

Catalog Number RF9540-N
Wiring Types Single Pole & Multi-Location
Load Types Dimmable LED/CFL, Incandescent, Halogen, Magentic Low-Voltage, Electronic Low-Voltage
Wattage 300W Dimmable LED/CFL, 600W Incandescent/Halogen/Magnetic Low-Voltage/Electronic Low-Voltage
Product Colors For ordering, include Cat No. followed by the color code: Designer Dimmer: AW (Alpine White), DS (Desert Sand), SG (Silver Granite), WS (White Satin). Decorator Dimmer: DBK (Black), DLA (Light Almond), DW (White).


  • Electro-mechanical push pad for ON/OFF operation with separate DIM/BRIGHT bar
  • LED light-level display for presetting illumination levels and master/accessory units for multilocation control
  • Amber LED at bottom of LED display indicates ON/OFF load status
  • Seven step blue LED display alongside push pad indicates selected light level and reduces brightness when OFF (nightlight feature)
  • Compatible with Aspire RF™ Accessory Dimmer (RF9542-Z) for wireless 3-Way control, eliminating the need for traditional 3-Way wiring or dedicated traveller wire
  • Programmable rapid and delayed fading up to 4 minutes (default is 10 seconds)
  • Adjustable ramp rate (up to 4 minutes)
  • Child Lockout feature
  • Can be associated with up to 5 other devices
  • All-ON/All-OFF inclusion
  • Panic Mode
  • Patented indicator system alerts if dimmer is not set up in the network
  • Pressing and holding push pad for 2 seconds brings light to full brightness without affecting preset levels
  • Configurable “Power on State”
  • Air-gap switch disconnects power from load forcing an OFF condition
  • RFI filtering for radio, audio and video equipment
  • Adjustable low-level trim setting for optimal lamp compatibility
  • Adjustable high-level trim setting for additional energy savings
  • Programmable rapid start feature ensures lamp start-up even at low dim levels

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