Tamper Resistant Hospital Grade GFCI

GFCI receptacles are designed with safety in mind by providing electrical shock protection. While users are encouraged to test GFCI's monthly by using the Test/Reset buttons, it rarely happens. Eaton's GFCI does it for you! It will automatically test periodically, and will render itself inoperable if no GFCI protection is present. Additionally, the status indicator light will glow red notifying the user there is no power and the device must be replaced.

Catalog Number TRSGFH15, TRSGFH20
Wiring Method Back Wire & Side Wire
Rating 15A 125V NEMA 5-15R, 20A 125V NEMA 5-20R
Tamper Resistant 2017 NEC Article 406.11 Compliant
Product Colors Colors may vary per product. For ordering, include Cat No. followed by the color code: A (Almond), B (Brown), BK (Black), GY (Gray), LA (Light Almond), RD (Red), V (Ivory), W (White).


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