Hospital Grade Modular GFCIs - VGFH15, VGFH20, VGFH15_M, VGFH20_M


Hospital Grade Modular GFCI with Back & Side Wire. Safety UL Listed, fully compliant with all latest UL 943 (4th edition) Class A GFCI, UL 498 Hospital Grade requirements. ShockSentry lock-out function protects from miswired line-load connections and GFCI circuitry damage. Large visual indicator light provides quick visual reference of a tripped or “end of life” condition.  When downstream receptacles are wired from load side, a 20 amp feed through rating offers full protection. Trip threshold (5ma+/-1ma) and response time (0.025 sec.) meet Class A requirements. Maximum wiring flexibility is provided with 8 separate backwiring holes that accept up to #10 AWG stranded or solid wire. Ground screw backwiring clamp for fast, secure termination. Terminal screws are backed out, staked, and ready to wire. Device and wallplate mounting screws are captive, speeding installation time. Longer, wider “bridged” strap provides more contact area with wallboard, virtually eliminating floating installations. Matching thermoplastic wallplate included.

Catalog Number VGFH15, VGFH20, VGFH15_M, VGFH20_M
Wiring Method Back & Side Wire
Rating 15A 125V, NEMA 5-15; 20A 125V, NEMA 5-20
Product Colors For ordering receptacles, include Cat. No. followed by the color code: B (Brown), GY (Gray), LA (Light Almond), RD (Red), V (Ivory), W (White).