15A AF/GF Receptacles - TRAFGF15

Both arc fault protection and ground fault protection are required in kitchens and laundry areas according to the 2017 NEC, with expansion to further areas expected in coming code cycles.  Eaton has long been a leader in ground fault and arc fault protection – both from the breaker and from the receptacle.  Eaton’s AF/GF receptacle allows for local reset and provides protection from series arcs, parrallel arcs, and ground faults using Eaton’s 15 years of arc fault experience to help reduce the number of unwanted nuisance trips and self-test GFCI technology to ensure the proper operation of the protection circuitry.

Catalog Number TRAFGF15
Wiring Method Back & Side Wire
Rating 15A 125V, NEMA 5-15R
Wire size #14 - 10 AWG
Product Colors For ordering receptacles, include Cat. No. followed by the color code: A (Almond), B (Brown), BK (Black), GY (Gray), LA (Light Almond), V (Ivory), W (White).


• Provides both arc fault protection per UL1699A and ground fault protection per UL943 in one convenient device
• Protects from both series and parallel arcs downstream from the Outlet Branch Circuit (OBC) AF/GF receptacle
• OBC AF/GF receptacles also protect from upstream series arcs
• Trip indicators make it easy to diagnose arc and ground faults
• Device self-tests periodically to ensure proper function of both the ground fault and arc fault protection elements
• Automatic grounding system eliminates the need for bonding jumper in grounded metal enclosure; provides redundant measure of ground continuity when jumper is used
• Lock-out functionality prevents miswired line-load connections and GFCI/AFCI circuitry damage