Wet-Mate Subsea Connectors


Eaton's micro-wet-mate solutions incorporate rugged designs that provide 10,000 PSI pressure ratings and survive 1,000 mate and demate cycles. These high contact density BurtonTM subsea connectors and cable assemblies are available in MCBH bulkhead, MCIL inline overmolded and dummy-plug configurations:

  • Up to eight contacts in 0.61" (15.5mm) diameter shells.
  • Up to sixteen contacts in 0.98" (25mm) diameter shells.
  • Custom capabilities include application-specific connectors and cable assemblies.

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Rugged designs are rated for 1000 mate and demate cycles


Eaton's micro-wet-mate subsea connectors feature rugged designs that include gold plated, radiused pins that resist corrosion and reduce mating forces. Pin shoulders are radiused to protect insulators from fraying. Additional features include:

  • 10,000 PSI open-faced pressure ratings.
  • 25 to 140 degree Fahrenheit (-4 to 60 Celsius) operating-temperature range.
  • Greater than 200 Megaohms insulation resistance at 1000 VDC.
  • Bulkhead connectors feature reinforced necks that resist damage during aggressive demating.

MCBH & MCIL connector miniaturized form factors


Eaton's micro-wet-mate connectors share many design features with BurtonTM standard-size wet-mate solutions that have been field proven in a wide range of demaning applications including ROVs, military subsea, oil and gas exploration and oceanographic research:

  • Color-coded leads are used on bulkhead connectors, instead of white wires with numbered tags, to make conductor tracing easier and more reliable. 
  • Radiused shoulders on contact pins and insulation shoulders facilitate faster mating in rough seas.
  • Locking sleeves are not required but are available with shoulders or snap rings to facilitate rapid installation at any time during the bulkhead and cable mating process.
  • Crimped contacts are easier to install in the field than soldered contacts and less susceptible to bending fatigue.

Custom connectors and cable assemblies


Application-specific subsea connectors and cable assemblies can be quickly developed by leveraging an extensive array of field-proven technologies and design platforms.A partial listing of custom capabilities includes:

  • Application-specific insert arrangements and materials.
  • Extreme pressures, temperatures, mechanical stresses, and corrosive agents.
  • High-current solutions designed for underwater motors, pumps, and ocean-based windfarms.
  • Build-to-print services for production-ready designs.

Additional information - Micro-Wet-Mate Connectors Brochure

Get your copy of Eaton's Subsea Connectors and Cable Assemblies Brochure:

  • Comprehensive product specifications and mechanical drawings.
  • Part number configuration and ordering information.
  • Modified and custom solution capabilities.

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