Dry-Mate Subsea Connectors


Eaton's subsea solutions include BurtonTM dry-mate connectors and cable assemblies. BurtonTM 5500 products have set the industry standard for deep-water performance for over 40 years in demanding applications such as ROVs. An extensive array of power and Ethernet solutions includes:

  • Shell size 9 to 48 connectors with 2 to 39 contacts rated up to 220 amps and 5,000 volts.
  • Ethernet cable assemblies are available with TIA/EIA-568-B.2 and IEEE 802.3-2005 compliances.
  • 10,000 PSI rated solutions available with overmolded and pressure-balanced-oil-filled cables.
  • Custom capabilities include application-specific connectors and cable assemblies.

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10,000 PSI Open-Face Pressure Ratings


BurtonTM dry-mate connectors are rated for 10,000 PSI, even when unmated. Harsh-environment design features include face-type plug and receptacle sealing that does not require O-rings, completely eliminating the problem of O-rings falling off. Additional design features include:

  • Stub acme threads are used on all shell sizes. Stub acme threads are more resistant to cross threading and damage than conventional threading.
  • Electrical contacts utilize crimp connections which provide longer services lives than soldered contacts when subjected to repeated flexing.
  • Contacts are completely bonded and isolated to maintain electrical insulation in the event that the cable jacket is damaged and water migrates into the plug.
  • Receptacle water-blocking systems protect against water entering equipment through the connector during catastrophic events such as a plug being torn away from a receptacle.

Ultra-Compact Shell Size 9 & 12 Solutions


Underwater power and data solutions are also available in high contact density, shell size 9 and 12 configurations. When compared to shell size 20 subsea connectors:

  • Shell size 9 connectors with up to 8 contacts provide a space savings of 58%.
  • Shell size 12 connectors with up to 14 contacts provide a space savings of 40%.

Solutions are available for pure Ethernet or power-only applications or as a mix of power and data. Ethernet cable assemblies are available with TIA/EIA-568-B.2 and IEEE 802.3-2005 compliances.

Pressure Balanced Oil Filled Plugs (PBOF)


PBOF plugs backshells incorporate oil-fill ports and hose barbs that facilitate the attachment of clear tubing. The tubing is filled with a compensating fluid that enables pressure equalization between the interior of the tubing and exterior pressures. 

  • Pressure balanced oil filled plugs are available in shell sizes 9 to 32.
  • Ethernet cable assemblies are available with TIA/EIA-568-B.2 and IEEE 802.3-2005 compliances.
  • For applications requiring higher equalization pressures, backshells are available with a JIC type fitting to accommodate the use of a hydraulic hose instead of clear tubing.
  • Ordering options include stand-alone plugs and turnkey cable assemblies.

Custom connectors and cable assemblies


Custom subsea connectors and cable assemblies can be quickly developed by leveraging an extensive array of field-proven technologies and design platforms.A partial listing of custom capabilities includes:

  • Application-specific insert arrangements and materials/platings.
  • Pure Ethernet or power and hybrid solutions.
  • Tow cables and cables with integrated fuel lines.
  • Build-to-print services for production-ready designs.

Eaton also offers wet-mate custom solutions including Ethernet subsea connectors and cable assemblies.

Additional information - Subsea Connectors Design Guide

Get your copy of the Subsea Connectors Design Guide. This brochure provides detailed information describing:

  • Comprehensive product specifications and mechanical drawings.
  • Part number configuration and ordering information.
  • Modified and custom solution capabilities.

Use the links below to download a PDF or send an e-mail to request printed copies.