Custom Naval Connectors and Cables


Eaton combines advanced engineering tools with an extensive array of manufacturing resources to quickly deliver custom connectors and cable assemblies. Turnkey design, collaborative co-development, and build-to-print program capabilities include:

  • Application-specific shells, insert arrangements, and filtering/shielding for high currents and volatges, high-speed data, and RF and acoustic signal applications.
  • Harsh environments including extereme EMI/RFI, temperatures, shock/vibration, radiation, corrosive media, and vacuum/pressures.
  • Integrated mechanical tow, fluid delivery, and separation/release capabilities.
  • NAVSEA S9320-AM-PRO-020/MLDG certified overmolded cable assemblies.

Over 40 years of uncompromised reliability


A track record of uncomprimised reliability has been established in over 40 years of defense and commercial custom subsea connector and cable applications including:

  • Submarine launch tube control and secondary propulsion motor control cable assemblies.
  • Mine-detection-sled tow cables with integrated power-and-data connectivity and fuel delivery capabilities.
  • Vertical launch missile systems power and data connectivity solutions.
  • Overmolded transducer headmass assembly and cable assemblies.
  • Mine-hunting sonar, tether-cable assembly.

Industry-Recognized Certifications


Eaton maintains a comprehensive array of process and system-level accreditations that assure our customers that their custom solutions are designed and manufactured to the industry's most stringent standards. A partial listing of these certifications includes:

  • Quality standards include ISO 9001 : 2008 and AS9100 Revision C.
  • Secure facilities are ITAR registered and approved for programs classified as Top Secret.
  • Overmolding processes are certified to NAVSEA S9320-AM-PRO-020/MLDG.
  • NASA NHB 5300-certified soldering processes and trainers.

Accelerated Design to Deployment


Eaton integrates 3D-modeling software with a network of computer-assisted-manufacturing resources to concurrently produce parts in prototype and production quantities. Design qualification is accelerated by in-house thermal-vacuum chambers and hydrostatic, dielectric withstand voltage, insulation resistance, high pot, insertion loss, and vibration test capabilities.

Additional in-house prototype and production capabilities include:

  • Experienced tool designers and tool makers utilize CNC mills and lathes and EDM machines.
  • Machining centers are optimized to process several grades of alumimum and stainless-steel alloys.
  • Compression, transfer, and injection molding machines support the production of plastic and elastomeric dielectric components.
  • Dedicated assembly tools and  fixtures support a wide range of mechanical assembly, bonding, wire termination, marking, and potting processes.

Vertically Integrated Cable Manufacturing


In addition to improving quality and reducing leadtimes and costs, Eaton's investments in vertically integrated manufacturing resources provide customers with a broad range of cable-configuration options:

  • Planetary cabling equipment was designed in-house to enable manufacturing contra-helically laid cables that ensure maximum flexibility to meet customer defined, bend-radius requirements.
  • Speciallly-designed braiders facilitate optimization of foil and braid shields to meet application-specific EMI/RFI requirements.
  • Cable insulation options include EPDM for Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) applications and Neoprene, urethane, and heat-shrink materials.
  • Overmold materials include Hypalon for applications with hypergolic fuel residues and EPDM, epoxies, Neoprene, polyurethanes, PVC, silicone, Teflon, and Viton.

Additional Custom Capabilities Information


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