Space Rated Connectors


Eaton's custom-solutions capabilities enable quick-turn development of cost-effective and reliable space-rated solutions that are reusable, serviceable, and upgradeable. One example of Eaton's track record of innovation is the umbilical connector array depicted to the left.

  • MIL-DTL-38999 Series III derived shells and inserts reduce costs and leverage proven reliability and availability. 
  • A resettable release mechanism was developed based on a separation-nut design with over 40 years of flight heritage.

Additional space-rated-solution capabilities are described below. To discuss your application-specific requirements, call 805-484-0543 or e-mail

NATC - NASA Specification SSQ 21635


The SG3 Series of NATC connectors utilize space-rated materials to meet all of the requirements of NASA Specification SSQ 21635. Fifty-three standard contact patterns are available in MIL-DTL-38999 Series III shell sizes 9 to 25. Additional features include:

  • Power configurations based on MIL-DTL-5015 inserts in shell sizes 25L to 37.
  • -115°C to 200°C operating temperatures.
  • High speed data including MIL-STD-1553.
  • Custom capabilities include thermal and electrical deadfaces and special insert patterns and shell configurations.

Visit the MIL-DTL-38999 NATC space-rated connectors page for more information.

Application-Specific Solutions Include Cryogenic Connectors


Standard products and engineered-to-order solutions are available to meet a wide range of application-specific requirements:

  • Cryogenic applications including fuel monitoring.
  • Disconnects for deadfaced, EVA, high voltage, in flight, and vertical-launch applications.
  • End-to-end cable solutions including integrated gas and fluid fittings.
  • Low-imparted-shock, positive mate monitoring, and zero-separation-force connectors.

Interstage-Raceway Connectors


The depicted solution incorporates three isolated insert compartments for flight, ordinance, and instrumentation contact groups and is qualified for use on the Peacekeeper Missile.

A lanyard mechanical release is initiated by missile-stage separation. Connector separation is assisted by an ejector spring.

A center-screw thread facilitates mating and demating. A visual indicator confirms mating status.

Umbilical Connectors and In-Flight Disconnects


A broad range of flight-proven technologies can be leveraged to quickly develop custom umbillical connectors and in-flight disconnects. Design options include:

  • Fully integrated connector-and-actuator solutions in mechanically and electrically initiated configurations.
  • Release redundancy facilitated by any combination of mechanical lanyard releases and/or electrical pin puller release mechanisms.
  • Anti-bind roll-off shells, 360-degree EMI protection, electrically and thermally deadfaced configurations, push-pull snap action couplings, and visual and tactile mating indicators.
  • Lanyard-release connectors available in custom, D38999 Series III, and D38999 Series IV form factors.

Additional information - space and launch capabilities brochure


Eaton's Space and Launch Capabilities brochure provides heritage-proven-solution information for applications ranging from launch pads to mission payloads:

  • Umbilical solutions, interstage-separation connectors, and rack and panel configurations.
  • Cryogenic connectors and high-temperature disconnects rated up to 5000 degrees F.
  • Non-explosively actuated release mechanisms.
  • NATC connectors, low-imparted-shock solutions, and custom-cable assemblies.
  • Cell bypass switches for battery and solar-panel applications.

Use the link below to register for PDF or printed copies; due to export-controls restrictions, this brochure is not downloadable from this web site.