Customs and Cables


Eaton's non-explosive actuator custom capabilities include standalone devices, structural-separation systems, and interconnect solutions with fully integrated release mechanisms. Heritage-proven technologies can be leveraged to quickly develop application-specific release mechanisms with a wide range of features:

  • Form, fit, and function replacements for pyrotechnic actuators can be developed that that support rapid releases and field-resetable testing.
  • Safe handling and deployment; non-explosive actuators do not require the explosive materials precautions associated with pyrotechnic actuators.

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Actuator-Released Interconnects


Actuator-released interconnect flight heritage includes multiple ICBM programs and space exploration programs extending from launch pads to mission payloads. Custom-solution capabilities include umbilical connectors, in-flight disconnects, and standalone connector-separation mechanisms.

Umbilical connectors and in-flight disconnects are available with integrated pin pullers to facilitate electrically-initiated separations. Configurations include redundant pin pullers and pin pullers with lanyard initiated mechanical redundancy.

For additional umbilical connector and in-flight disconnect information, please visit our space and launch web pages.

Cable Assemblies and Wiring Harnesses

Release actuators are available with integrated connectors and cable assemblies that are designed to perform in a wide range of harsh environments:

  • Extreme high and low temperatures.
  • Shock and vibration.Radiation, EMI, and RFI.
  • Corrosive contaminants.
  • Vacuum and high pressures.

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Stage Separation & Flight Termination


Custom release actuator solutions include structural-separation systems that utilize pin pullers for actuation. Applications include stage and payload release and flight termination.

Program heritage includes the flight termination system for the Small Diameter Bomb including the housing, redundant pin pullers, and all of the mechanical components required for restraint and separation of the structural sections of this ordinance.

Structural separation systems can also be used in harsh environment applications that would otherwise use tension links with Marman clamps, or V-bands, less than 15 inches (38 cm) in diameter.

For additional structural and stage separation information, please visit our space and launch web pages.

Additional Custom Solutions Information


Additional custom-solution information is provided in Eaton's Non-Explosive Actuators Design Guide and the Space and Launch Capabilities Brochure.

Non-Explosive Actuators Design Guide contents include:

  • Non-explosive and pyrotechnic actuator technology comparisons
  • Theories of operation for actuators, cell-bypass switches, and highly-integrated solutions such as interconnect releases and structural-separation systems.

Space and Launch Capabilities Brochure contents include:

  • Release mechanisms technologies, design platforms and custom-solution capabilities
  • Space-rated connector selection including NATC, cryogenic to 5000 degrees F. operating ranges and low-imparted-shock solutions.
  • Theories of operation for electrically and mechanically initiated umbilicals and in-flight disconnects.

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