Pin Pullers and Compression Releases


Eaton's non-explosive actuator solutions include G&H TechnologyTM pin pullers and compression-releases. These low-shock devices are available in configurations ranging from standalone devices to integrated systems. Additional features include:

  • Rapid releases with low power consumption across a wide range of operating temperatures.
  • Design options include form, fit, and function replacements for pyrotechnic actuators.
  • Safe handling and deployment; non-explosive actuators do not require the explosive materials precautions associated with pyrotechnic actuators.

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Pin Puller Initiated Connector Separation


The umbilical connector depicted to the left has been qualified for multiple manned-flight launch vehicles and features redundant initiation. A pin puller provides primary initiation and a lanyard-release mechanism provides mechanical redundancy.

Additional flight heritage includes multiple ICBM and military re-entry vehicle programs. These programs have provided an extensive array of technologies and design platforms that can be leveraged to quickly develop custom solutions to support a broad range of mission requirements:

  • Anti-bind roll-off shells
  • 360 degree EMI/RFI protection
  • Electrically and thermally deadfaced configurations
  • Push-pull snap action couplings and visual and tactical mating indicators

Stage Separation, Payload Release and Flight-Termination Systems


Structural separation systems less than 15 inches (38 cm) in diameter can utilize pin-puller-actuated solutions instead of tension links with Marman clamps or V-bands. Applications include stage and payload release and flight termination.

Eaton's flight heritage includes flight termination systems for airborne ordinance. As depicted to the left, this solution includes the housing, redundant pin pullers, and all of the mechanical components required for restraint and separation of the structural sections of this ordinance.

Eaton's solution joins the two sections of the ordinance until electrical actuation of either of the two redundant pin pullers initiates structural separation and disruption of the ordinance flight path.

Compression Release Devices


Compression-release devices operate in a similar manner to pin pullers with the exception that pin retraction is driven by the external load instead of an internal compression spring.

The compression release depicted to the left was designed to release the guidance fins on airborne ordinance. This extremely-compact solution features a 200 pound (889 newton) load rating. Additional flight heritage includes:

  • Multiple missile stage separation applications including ICBMs.
  • Deployment of antenna arrays, solar panels, instruments, and sub-satellites on spacecraft and satellites.
  • Connector separation on missiles and satellites including in-flight disconnects with lanyard-release redundancy.

Additional Pin Puller Information


Additional pin puller selection and design-in information is provided in Eaton's Non-Explosive Actuators Design Guide and the Space and Launch Capabilities Brochure.

Non-Explosive Actuators Design Guide contents include:

  • Non-explosive and pyrotechnic actuator technology comparisons
  • Theories of operation for pin pullers, actuators, cell-bypass switches, and highly-integrated solutions such as interconnect releases and structural-separation systems.

Space and Launch Capabilities Brochure contents include:

  • Release mechanisms technologies, design platforms and custom-solution capabilities
  • Space-rated connector selection including NATC, cryogenic to 5000 degrees F. operating ranges and low-imparted-shock solutions.
  • Theories of operation for electrically and mechanically initiated umbilicals and in-flight disconnects.

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