Tension Releases - Miniaturized


Eaton's non-explosive actuator solutions include G&H TechnologyTM miniaturized tension releases. These compact release mechanisms deliver a 250-pound (1.1 kilonewton) load rating while occupying less than one third of a cubic inch (five cm3). Additional features include:

  • Extremely lightweight: < 12.5 grams (.44 ounces).
  • Safe handling and deployment; non-explosive actuators do not require the explosive materials precautions associated with pyrotechnic actuators.
  • Rapid releases with low power consumption.

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Actuator bodies smaller than 1/3 cubic inch (5 cubic centimeters)


Miniaturized tension releases utilize split-spool initiators as hold down preloading assemblies and load shafts as hold down release actuators. After electrical initiation, load deployment is facilitated by internal release of the load-attachment shaft.

Miniaturized tension releases are available in standard load ratings up to 250 pounds (1.1 kilonewtons) and a separation stroke of 0.25 inches (6.3 mm). Customer-defined load ratings and separation-stroke lengths are also available.

Flight Qualifications Include Night Vision System Detachment


Eaton's miniaturized tension releases have been qualified for use in critical applications such as separating night-vision goggles from a pilot’s helmet prior to emergency ejection. The technologies used in these ultra-compact devices can be leveraged to quickly develop custom hold down and release mechanisms for a broad range of applications:

  • Single and redundant initiations.
  • Customer-defined load ratings and response times.
  • Form, fit, and function replacements for pyrotechnic actuators.
  • Integrated connector and cable assemblies.

Additional Information - Non-Explosive Actuators Design Guide


Additional miniaturized tension release selection and design-in information is provided in Eaton's Non-Explosive Actuators Design Guide and the Space and Launch Capabilities Brochure.

Non-Explosive Actuators Design Guide contents include:

  • Non-explosive and pyrotechnic actuator technology comparisons
  • Theories of operation for tension releases, actuators, cell-bypass switches, and highly-integrated solutions such as interconnect releases and structural-separation systems.

Space and Launch Capabilities Brochure contents include:

  • Release mechanisms technologies, design platforms and custom-solution capabilities
  • Space-rated connector selection including NATC, cryogenic to 5000 degrees F. operating ranges and low-imparted-shock solutions.
  • Theories of operation for electrically and mechanically initiated umbilicals and in-flight disconnects.

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