Cable Release Mechanisms


Eaton's non-explosive actuator solutions include G&H TechnologyTM cable-release mechanisms. These low-shock devices can be configured with single or multiple release points and provide rapid releases with low power consumption. Additional features include:

  • Safe handling and deployment; non-explosive actuators do not require the explosive materials precautions associated with pyrotechnic actuators.
  • Fragment and debris-free operation.
  • Form, fit, and function replacements for pyrotechnic actuators can be quickly developed.

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Field Refurbishment Accelerates System-Level Testing


Cable releases utilize split-spool initiators as hold down preloading assemblies and cables as hold down release actuators.

Multiple-test sequences can be performed by field replacement of the initiators which typically costs less than 20% of the expense of replacing one shot, pyrotechnic devices.

Field-resetable mechanical initiators (right end of depicted solution) replace one of the electrical initiators to enable multiple test releases without the need for refurbishments.

Heritage Proven, Custom-Solution Capabilities


Eaton's cable release mechanisms have deployed solar panels and antenna arrays on multiple satellite programs. The heritage-proven technologies from these programs can be leveraged to quickly develop custom hold down and release mechanisms to support a wide range of mission requirements:

  • Single and redundant initiations for single and multiple cable releases.
  • Customer-defined load ratings and response times.
  • Form, fit, and function replacements for pyrotechnic actuators.
  • Integrated connector and cable assemblies.

Additional Cable Release Mechanism Information


Additional cable release mechanism selection and design-in information is provided in Eaton's Non-Explosive Actuators Design Guide and the Space and Launch Capabilities Brochure.

Non-Explosive Actuators Design Guide contents include:

  • Non-explosive and pyrotechnic actuator technology comparisons
  • Theories of operation for cable release mechanisms, actuators, cell-bypass switches, and highly-integrated solutions such as interconnect releases and structural-separation systems.

Space and Launch Capabilities Brochure contents include:

  • Release mechanisms technologies, design platforms and custom-solution capabilities
  • Space-rated connector selection including NATC, cryogenic to 5000 degrees F. operating ranges and low-imparted-shock solutions.
  • Theories of operation for electrically and mechanically initiated umbilicals and in-flight disconnects.

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