Non-Explosive Actuators & Release Mechanisms


Eaton's non-explosive actuators and release mechanisms provide rapid responses with low power consumption across a wide range of operating temperatures. Additional features include:

  • Over 45 years of heritage in space, launch and weapons-systems applications
  • Fragment and debris-free operation with no precautions for explosive materials required
  • Electrical compatibility with pyro-activation circuits

Get your copy of Eaton's non-explosive actuators design guide

  • Non-explosive and pyrotechnic actuator technology comparisons.
  • Theories of operation for actuators, release mechanisms and structural-separation systems.

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Non-explosive actuators support safe handling and deployment and do not require the explosive-material precautions inherent of pyrotechnic actuators. Non-explosive actuators, including pyrotechnic actuator replacements,  are also described on the space and launch solutions page.