Titan Ground Power 400Hz Solutions


Eatons aviation solutions include Titan Ground PowerTM cables, plugs and adapters. These latest-generation products feature decreased mating and demating forces that increase the service lives of aircraft receptacles and GPU-cable assemblies.

  • Plugs and optional adapters incorporate precisely positioned, floating sockets that independently adjust to aircraft-receptacle pins.
  • Cable configurations include banded, jacketed, and six around one.
  • The optional adapter is field replaceable in minutes and is less than 50% of the cost of a ground-power cable refurbishment.
  • AS7974 qualified cable assemblies.
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400Hz power solutions include aviation ground power extension cables


Titan Ground PowerTM cable assemblies feature molded-on plugs with integral strain reliefs in a wide range of military and commercial configurations:

  • Standard cables from 20 to 100 feet, custom lengths are also available.
  • Specialized cables include jumpers and single-point refueling
  • Aviation ground power extension cables.
  • Jacketed configurations include Command Plus and center neutral, six-around-one cables.
  • Banded cables available with stainless steel or AS7974 non-metallic bands.

Heavy Equipment Crush Test


Extreme-reliability testing included using a 6798-pound forklift to test the crush resistance of the Titan Ground PowerTM adapter, which utilizes the same internal carrier design as the molded-on connector plug.

Based on the weight distribution of the forklift, over 2500 pounds of force was applied to the adapter.  One test cycle concentrated this load on the front edge of the adapter on an area less than one-inch wide.

After three test cycles, there was no functional damage to the adapter.  Since the mounting-bolt holes were unobscured, the adapter could still be replaced in the field.  Testing of a competitor’s product resulted in significant bolt-hole obstructions, preventing field replacement of their adapter.

The Only Plugs & Adapters with Glass-Filled-Epoxy Carriers


The glass-filled-epoxy carrier (shown as dark gray in the cutaway), used in Titan Ground PowerTM plugs and sockets, precisely positions socket/pin assemblies to reduce insertion forces and protect against impacts to extend service life.

The carrier also protects the bolt holes ensuring that the bolts can be removed even after being run over by ground-support vehicles. This internal carrier is combined with an EPDM overmold to withstand 20 foot-pound impacts at -55 degrees Centigrade.

Also pictured is the six-tine socket design that contributes to consistent insertion forces and outperforms industry standards for electrical performance. The six-tine design demonstrated a nominal voltage drop of 31 millivolts at 300 amps compared to the industry standard of 45 millivolts.

Field-Replaceable Adapters are Less than 50% of the Cost of Cable Refurbishments


Titan Ground PowerTM adapters utilize standard bolts and are field replaceable in minutes. Compression seals, located between the adapter and the cable-assembly plug, seal the sockets and pins from exposure to contaminants.

These optional adapters utilize the same floating-socket design as Titan Ground PowerTM plugs enabling the sockets to independently align to aircraft pins, reducing wear on aircraft receptacles to decrease receptacle-related AOG instances.

Additional Information - Aviation Ground Power Brochures


Get your copies of the BurtonTM Aviation Ground Support and Titan Ground PowerTM brochures. These catalogs contain detailed selection and design-in information including:


  • Comprehensive product specifications and mechanical drawings.
  • Part number configuration and ordering information.
  • NSN and military part number cross references.
  • Modified and custom solution capabilities.

Use the links below to download a PDF or send an e-mail to request printed copies.