Custom military cable heritage


Eaton has designed and manufactured custom military and aerospace cable assemblies and wiring harnesses for harsh-environment applications that span all physical domains: land, air, sea, and space: 

  • Intercontinental ballistic missiles and high-altitude missile defense systems
  • Mine countermeasures cables with integrated mechanical tow, fuel delivery, signals, and power
  • Missile launchers: shoulder fired, shipboard, helicopter, fixed wing, and land-based mobile systems
  • Submarine secondary-propulsion and torpedo control systems
The solutions described below are just a few examples from Eaton's 50-year military cable assembly and wiring-harness heritage. Click here to return to the military and aerospace cables main web page.

Shoulder fired missile launcher cable assembly


The above image depicts a group of cable assemblies and a mating connector. This custom solution connects the missile launcher firing tube to the sighting and control assembly.

  • The upper-left custom connector is designed to fully enclose, and protect, the contacts when the connector is not mated.
  • In addition to environmental sealing, the conductive silicone grommets provide a termination path for the cable shielding.

High Voltage Power Cable


This custom power connector/cable assembly utilizes a 10-inch diameter shell and distributes 4160 volts for a high-altitude, anti-ballistic missile system.

  • The left-hand inset image depicts the back side of the connector and cable insulation and shielding before overmolding. Insulation and shielding performance is verified by corona testing.
  • In-house tooling facilitates void-free EPDM overmolding across a 6.5" outside diameter and 10.5" length.

Military satcom control harness


Design and manufacturing of this complex satellite communications control harness included integrating power and data connectivity, EMI/RFI protection, continuous Nomex overbraiding, and electro-mechanical components: 

  • 384 connections are supported by 15 connectors including military circular and overmolded Micro-D interconnect
  • EMI/RFI protection includes eight ferrites and continuous braided shielding
  • Electro-mechanical assembly includes two switches and a mounting flange installed over a slip-ring assembly 

Additional Information - Custom Cable Capabilities


For additional custom cable information, call 805-484-0543 or select the following link:

Download a PDF of Eaton's military and aerospace cable assemblies and wiring harnesses brochure

This brochure describes:

  • Design options for cable assemblies and wiring harnesses
  • Turnkey design, collaborative co-development, and build to print capabilities
  • Accelerated design to deployment supported by an extensive array of in-house design and manufacturing resources