Cell Bypass Switches


Eaton's cell bypass switches can be used to permanently open or close single or multiple electrical circuits in response to fault conditions such as failed battery or solar-panel cells. These space-rated electrical switches have a heritage-proven track record of efficiency and reliability:

  • Lower voltage drops than diode-bypass systems; < 20mV @ 100A and 40mV @ 200A.
  • When compared to relays, Eaton's cell-bypass switches provide faster response times, reduced weight, and increased reliability especially in high shock and vibration environments.
  • Satellite flight heritage includes G&H TechnologyTM solutions.

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Extensive range of heritage-proven capabilities


Cell-bypass switch flight heritage includes multiple-satellite programs. The technologies and design platforms that were used in these critical applications can be leveraged to accelerate custom solution development for a broad range of requirements:

  • Single-and-multiple pole/throw combinations with normally open or closed contacts.
  • Make before break or break before make switching and simultaneous or sequenced multi-pole operation.
  • Customer defined electrical performance including high-current ratings.
  • Extreme shock, vibration, corrosive environments, and operating temperatures including cryogenic.

Additional Cell Bypass Switch Information


Additional cell bypass switch selection and design-in information is provided in Eaton's Non-Explosive Actuators Design Guide and the Space and Launch Capabilities Brochure.

Non-Explosive Actuators Design Guide contents include:

  • Theories of operation for cell-bypass switches, actuators, and highly-integrated solutions such as interconnect releases and structural-separation systems.
  • Non-explosive and pyrotechnic actuator technology comparisons.

Space and Launch Capabilities Brochure contents include:

  • Cell-bypass switch and release-mechanisms technologies, design platforms and custom-solution capabilities
  • Space-rated connector selection including NATC, cryogenic to 5000 degrees F. operating ranges and low-imparted-shock solutions.
  • Theories of operation for electrically and mechanically initiated umbilicals and in-flight disconnects.

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