Hotshoe Connectors


Eaton utilizes modular designs and standardized production processes to facilitate quick-turn development of application-optimized hotshoe solutions. C4ISR / tactical communications hotshoe connectors are available using accordion or pogo pin contacts. Additional design options and features include:

  • Single or redundant contacts with pointed, cupped, or radiused-tip geometries.
  • Tail configurations include through hole, SMT, vertical mating, and right-angle mating.
  • Accordion contact advantages include reduced impedances and elimination of the possibility of contaminant build up between contact parts

Please contact Eaton to discuss hotshoe connectors tailored to your specific application requirements by calling 805-484-0543 or selecting one of the following links:

Designed specifically for C4ISR applications


Additional information - C4ISR / Tactical Communications Design Guide


Get your copy of the C4ISR / Tactical Communications Connectors and Cable Assemblies Design Guide. This 52-page brochure contains detailed information for a comprehensive range of solutions in form factors ranging from latest generation to legacy.