MIL-DTL-55116 Connectors


Eaton’s MIL-DTL-55116 connectors and cable assemblies incorporate rugged designs that have been field proven in an extensive range of military applications that include the SINCGARS and JTRS radio systems.

A comprehensive array of QPL, NSA, lightweight, and specialized designs includes in-line and panel-mount connectors, EMI/RFI filtered receptacles, feedthroughs, and extended length, bulkhead connectors. Quick turn, custom solutions include cable assemblies, wiring harnesses, and high-pin-count connectors that utilize MIL-DTL-55116-style shells.

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QPL and NSA plugs and receptacles


QPL-certified plugs and receptacles feature shells constructed from passivated stainless steel and contacts with gold-over-nickel platings. This comprehensive range of solutions is available in five or six pin configurations with crimp or solder cup terminations and includes:

  • M55116/1 to /4 (U-229) in-line plugs.
  • M55116/5 to /8 (U-182) in-line plugs.
  • M55116/9 and /10 (U-183) panel-mount receptacles.
  • M55116/11 to /14 (U-228) in-line receptacles.
  • NSA ON241774-1 and -2 plugs.
  • NSA ON241775-1 to -5 receptacles.

Filtered receptacles


EMI-filtered receptacles are available as standard products and custom solutions in five and six pin configurations with all pins, or only selected pins, filtered.

  • Standard panel-mount receptacles incorporate low pass, pi network, ferrite-ceramic capacitors. Each pin is surrounded by a filter that is connected to an internal ground plane. Standard products are designed for a 100 VDC working voltage with dielectric-withstand voltages up to 500 VDC.
  • Custom solutions can be developed for panel mount or cable mounting to meet a wide range of application-specific voltage, frequency, and impedance requirements. End-to-end filtered solution capabilities include custom connector/cable assemblies.

Specialized MIL-DTL-55116 compatible solutions


MIL-DTL-55116 compatible, specialized products include lightweight plugs and receptacles constructed of stainless steel or aluminum and an extensive range of enhanced-feature-set solutions:

  • Extended body receptacles (pictured to left) provide 2 1/4 inches of additional length to enable mounting through reinforced bulkheads.
  • Double ended, feedthrough receptacles facilitate attachment of plugs on both sides of a panel or bulkhead.
  • Cable-mount plugs with 90-degree cable attachments (pictured to left) facilitate connector mating and cable routing in confined spaces.
  • Panel-mount plugs are also available in flange mount and rear-mount configurations.

high density 19 and 27 pin connectors


These high-contact density, 19 and 27 pin solutions support mixed audio, signal, and data applications that require more contacts than provided by MIL-DTL-55116 QPL connectors.

  • Gold-over-nickel contacts are rated for 0.23 amps and 3000 mate and demate cycles.
  • 500 Vrms dielectric withstand voltage.
  • Passivated, stainless-steel shells.
  • Solutions include EMI/RFI filtered receptacles.
  • Custom capabilities include cable assemblies and wiring harnesses.

Additional information - C4ISR / Tactical Communications Design Guide


Get your copy of the C4ISR / Tactical Communications Connectors and Cable Assemblies Design Guide. This 52-page brochure contains detailed information for a comprehensive range of solutions in form factors ranging from latest generation to legacy.