115 - 480V Burton Plugs, Receptacles, and Cables


BurtonTM Aviation Ground Power Solutions include over 700 plugs, adapters, airframe receptacles and GPU cable assemblies for 400Hz, 28VDC, and 270VDC applications.

  • Receptacle options include: shields, replaceable contacts, and spring-loaded covers.
  • Plug types: molded onto the cable with integral strain relief, field replaceable, and models with integrated electrical switches.
  • Banded and single-jacketed cable configurations.
  • Circular-plug, B1-B, and special-purpose cables including jumpers, single-point refueling, extensions, and Y adapters.

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240/416VAC GPU Cable Assemblies and Receptacles


Single-jacket ground power cable assemblies feature molded-on circular plugs with integral strain reliefs in a wide range of configurations:

  • Male and female plugs in plug/lug and dual-plug configurations.
  • 30 and 60-foot standard GPU cables; custom lengths are also available.

Receptacles are available with male and female inserts in a variety of finishes and shield-assembly configurations. Accessories include dust caps with optional safety chains.

115/200VAC GPU Cable Assemblies and Receptacles

burton 174_tall.jpg

These BurtonTM Aviation products offer field attachable, Plug Glove adapter, and Cablesaver adapter configurations to significantly extend the service lives of GPU cable assemblies.

  • Plug Glove options include field-replaceable, multi-lam contacts. 
  • Switch Plug configurations are available in a wide range of electrical switch and status indicator configurations.

Receptacles are available with male and female inserts for airframe and ground-power-equipment applications. Options include shields, spring-loaded covers, and replaceable contacts.

240/480VAC B1-B Cable Assemblies


GPU cable assemblies designed for the B1-B bomber mate with MS21379 receptacles and are available in the following configurations:

  • 4-1/0 AWG or 4-2/0 AWG power conductors and 1-12/2 control leads. 
  • Silver-plated contacts and non-metallic bands.
  • Standard lengths: 25, 60, and 10 feet.

115/200V Titan Ground Power Cable Assemblies


Latest-generation GPU cable assemblies and adapters reduce mating and demating forces to increase the service lives of aircraft receptacles, which can reduce the occurance of receptacle-related AOG (Aircraft On Ground) instances.

Titan Ground Power plugs are available with field-replaceable adapters that provide a 50% cost savings when compared to the cost of cable refurbishments.

For more information, please visit the Titan Ground Power web page.

Additional Information - Download the Burton and Titan Ground Power Brochures


Get your copies of the Burton and Titan Ground Power Brochures. These catalogs contain detailed selection and design-in information for 28VDC, 270VDC, and 400Hz solutions including:

  • Comprehensive product specifications and mechanical drawings.
  • Part number configuration and ordering information.
  • NSN and military part number cross references.
  • Modified and custom solution capabilities.

Use the links below to download a PDF or send an e-mail to request printed copies.