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Never miss a moment

Eaton's USB charging receptacles offer fast, convenient and efficient charging of portable electronic devices directly from a standard outlet without bulky adapters or powered computers.


Watch to learn more about the Eaton's USB charging solutions.



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Connect with color

Eaton's color coded locking devices are an industry-first solution that adds six voltage rating color codes to plugs, connectors, inlets, outlets and receptacles.

Find your voltage, find your NEMA, find your color. 



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Z-Wave Plus wireless collection

Make your home connected and smart with Eaton’s Z-Wave Plus wireless collection. Eaton's complete offering of wireless lighting controls is easy to install, requires no special wiring and is perfect for both new construction and existing homes.


Watch to learn how you can expand your home with Eaton's Z-Wave Plus devices.




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Don’t miss our latest videos with The Holmes Group!

Can Mike Holmes Jr. and Sherry Holmes escape a connected home controlled by our home automation hub and their dad Mike Holmes? Watch and find out!


Watch professional contractor Mike Holmes Sr. as he hosts alongside his kids Mike Jr. and Sherry in the first ever Battle of the Holmes from #IBS2019.




With a 100 years of electrical experience, power management company Eaton is anticipating the needs, engineering the products and shaping the solutions that will energize tomorrow’s world today.

Connecting and protecting electrical loads is crucial to reliable, efficient and safe power management throughout a facility, on the job site and in the home. Eaton’s innovative electrical connectivity and control solutions provide commercial, industrial and residential construction markets with the solutions needed to keep power accessible, reliable and safe. From switches, wallplates and receptacles to lighting controls and data management devices, Eaton brings a new level of connectivity for your facility, job site and home.


Color Change Kits>

Let the change of the season and fall colors inspire you to update and decorate your home with residential wiring devices in an assortment of colors and styles.


Z-Wave Plus Wireless Collection>

Arrive home to a well-lit house with our easy to use and install wireless lighting controls powered by Z-Wave Plus. Select from multiple styles and colors to match your style.



Check out Eaton's Pinterest page featuring style guides, connected home solution and ideas for upgrading your home.


Metallic Finish Devices>

Eaton's metallic finish devices and wallplates are designed to match the style of contemporary hardware and appliances to add a touch of elegance to any room. 



The Eaton Certified Contractor Network (ECCN) is a nationwide group of certified electricians dedicated to providing connectivity solutions in your home you can rely on.


Energy Saving Solutions>

Lighting accounts for approximately 10% of home energy costs. Installing Eaton's energy saving devices that can help you manage energy efficiently and safely.