Mass Notification & Emergency Communications

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Protect. Alert. Inform.

Eaton is the industry's leading developer of MNS solutions, where delivering the right message to the right people at the right time is paramount to life safety.


From catastrophic natural disasters to the threats college students face, there has been a heightened demand for effective, multi-layered emergency communications. That’s why Eaton's integrated and interoperable Mass Notification platform, ALERiTY, provides the perfect solution for delivering critical alerts when it matters most.

Whether informing an entire campus of a natural disaster or evacuating a single building due to a HAZMAT accident, the ALERiTY MNS platform integrates wide-area and in-building MNS for one networked solution.Through concise, timely and event-specific voice and visual messages, the ALERiTY integrated MNS solutions provide real-time information to people in a building, site, or geographic location, communicating what to do in response to the threat. Around the globe, Eaton is helping emergency managers protect, alert, and inform their most critical resources, their people.

ALERiTY features a variety of solutions to meet your organization’s needs:

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  • Seamless System Interoperability - Integrate life safety, security and notification systems such as fire alarm systems, detection systems, sensors, and public address systems for improved system management and situational awareness.
  • Proven Reliability - More than 100 years of proven experience in developing high-quality, reliable and innovative life safety products and solutions that are essential in responding to today’s threats.
  • Trusted Brand - As a premier provider to the federal government, Eaton’s advanced MNS solutions are battle-tested and battle-proven by protecting our armed forces in the most demanding environments and circumstances every day.
  • Compliance - Eaton's MNS solutions meet the most stringent government requirements and industry codes. Our technical experts have led the way in developing MNS standards by directing and participating in panels for UFC, NFPA and UL.