Interoperable Communications

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Integrated Solutions

Our unified interoperability platform, ALERiTY, integrates MNS and life safety systems that are vital to improving emergency response time, helping saves lives and minimizing chaos.


Integrated Mass Notification Systems (MNS)
With the complex threats we face today, emergency and security professionals are now recognizing that a System-of-Systems approach to emergency communications is essential. Instead of relying on just one technology to do the job, multiple communication systems ensure that information will successfully reach everyone in harm’s way. However, with limited staff and multiple systems to launch, organizations need an integrated Mass Notification System (MNS) with a simplified, single interface to launch all of the different applications.  This integrated System of Systems, ALERiTY, is available today from Eaton.  It allows facility managers and emergency response personnel to focus on the emergency at hand without being slowed down, trying to activate multiple systems.

Interoperable Life Safety & Security Systems
In addition, other life safety and security systems can be integrated with ALERiTY MNS solutions for improved system management and emergency response time. Through IP-based technology and advanced programming interfaces, the ALERiTY solution integrates disparate communication and life safety systems for complete, accurate and up-to-the minute situational awareness, including: 

  • Fire alarm control panels
  • Paging systems
  • Public address systems
  • Bollards
  • Gates
  • LED display signs
  • Access control systems
  • Sensors
  • Detection systems

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ALERiTY products and solutions

  • Proven Reliability - More than 100 years of proven experience in developing high-quality, reliable and innovative life safety products and solutions that are essential in responding to today’s threats.
  • Trusted Brand - As a premier provider to the federal government, Eaton’s advanced MNS solutions are battle-tested and battle-proven by protecting our armed forces in the most demanding environments and circumstances every day.
  • Compliance:  Eaton’s Life Safety and MNS solutions meet the most stringent government requirements and industry codes. Our technical experts have led the way in developing MNS standards by directing and participating in panels for UFC, NFPA and UL.