High Efficiency LED Technology

Leads the industry in lowest current draw, helping customers reduce costs


Utilizing breakthrough LED technology as the strobe light source provides the ultimate in energy efficiency as LED strobes lead the industry in low current draw (most popular candela settings), which can provide substantial overall system cost savings.  This includes reduction in wire size, fewer power supplies, and less battery standby capacity required for the same coverage area.

As the first in the industry to introduce LED notification appliances, Eaton’s new line of Wheelock Exceder LED3 devices are also the industry’s first conventional LED devices to comply with the latest NFPA code requirements for flash duration.  By meeting the 20 ms requirement, the Exceder LED3 line has been listed by UL to allow mixing of Wheelock xenon devices in the same field of view. With the Exceder LED3 line, Eaton now offers a full range of low and high candela appliances with its other product lines, ideal for both retrofits and new construction. The Wheelock Exceder LED3 product line has been UL/ULC listed as compatible with all fire alarm control panels (FACP) and accessories that have been determined to be compatible with Wheelock xenon products.

With the industry’s lowest current draw in the most popular candela settings, Eaton is helping you reduce installation costs, materials, and overall system costs for your customers in the most compact, low-profile, aesthetically-pleasing solution that is designed to blend with building decor. 

The Wheelock Exceder LED3 product line:

UL Compatibility Letter