Product Updates

New Products and Enhancements

Exceder LED3 low frequency, high candela models now availble

Eaton offers Wheelock Exceder LED3 low frequency sounder models for both low and high candela settings, ideal for retrofits and new construction for hotels, motels, dormitories, and apartment buildings. The new high candela models feature a 177 candela setting and are designed to meet both the National Fire Protection Association's (NFPA) fire alarm and carbon monoxide 520 Hertz (Hz) code requirements for sleeping areas. In a single device, the Exceder LED3 low frequency sounders can provide alarm signals for dual applications - T3 (Fire) and T4 (CO) tones.

WAVES 8.2 Release

Eaton releases its latest version of its mass notification system (MNS) software, WAVES 8.2, part of the ALERiTY integrated MNS platform. This latest update features new enhancements and new product support.  Some of the major benefits include:


  • Support for new wireless, high-speed broadband radios, operating in the 5.8 GHz frequency band and new products, including an Integrated Speaker Unit (ISU) for additional outdoor coverage
  • New dual purpose Standby Server/Command Center with enhanced functionality
  • Enhanced polling and supervision of WAVES network nodes
  • Improved user interfaces and system report logs
  • Enhanced backward compatibility with legacy TRX-based products for Hybrid TRX/ IPC systems

Wheelock Exceder LED3: Compliant, compatible, compact, and energy efficient

The Wheelock Exceder LED3 strobes meet the 20 millisecond light pulse duration requirements of NFPA 72 2016. By meeting this requirement, the Exceder LED3 line has been listed by UL to allow mixing of Wheelock xenon devices in the same field of view. The Wheelock Exceder LED3 product line has also been UL/ ULC listed as compatible with all fire alarm control panels and accessories that have been determined to be compatible with Wheelock RSS strobe-based products. With the Exceder LED3 line, Eaton now offers a full range of low and high candela appliances with its other product lines, ideal for both retrofits and new construction.  

With the industry’s lowest current draw in the most popular candela settings, Eaton is helping you reduce installation costs, materials, and overall system costs for your customers in the most compact, low-profile, aesthetically-pleasing solution that is designed to blend with building decor. 

Exceder LED3 Product Video

Product Updates and Discontinuation Announcements

Product Effective Date Replacement Models Supporting Documentation
AMT-12/24-R-NYC 12/19/18 AMT-12/24-R Product Update Notice
CVX, CSX 12/19/18 NA Product Update Notice
EMP-112 12/6/2018 Wheelock NPS Product Update Notice
IPC, IPC-8020 9/29/2017 IPC2, IPC-8020 Product Update Notice
WAVES-HD-8010, WAVES-WAVES-HD-8000, WAVES-HD-8010, WAVES-HD-8011, WAVES-HD-8000C, WAVES-HD-8010C, WAVES-HD-8011C 9/29/2017 WAVES-HD-8020, WAVES-HD-8021, WAVES-HD-8020C, WAVES-HD-8021 Product Update Notice
IBS-0331-HD, IBS-0332-HD, NAB-0332 9/29/2017 IBS-0333-HD, NAB-0333-HD Product Update Notice
IBS-8432-BU  9/29/2017
WAVES-HD-8021SC + IBS-8432
Product Update Notice
UPS-901 9/29/2017 UPS-8001 Product Update Notice
ACU-8411 9/29/2017 ACU-8421 Product Update Notice
HPSA-8102-R, HPSA-8104-R, HPSA-8106-R, HPSA-8108-R 9/29/2017 HPSA-8122-R, HPSA-8124-R, HPSA-8126-R, HPSA-8128-R Product Update Notice
LHN, LHS, LST, LSPST, LFHNK, LFHSK 8/25/2017 LHN3, LHS3, LST3, LSPST3, LFHNK3, LFHSK3 Product Update Notice
EPS-2401, RPS-2440-A, RPS-2406, CRT-T-40, BRKT, STH-15B/30, ST-C8MV 5/23/2017 None Product Update Notice
LLFHN/LLFHS models 10/31/2016 LFHNK/LFHSK models Product Update Notice
IBS-0331-HD, IBS-8431, WAVES-HD-8000, WAVES-HD-8000CIBI 7/21/2016 IBS-0332-HD, IBS-8432, WAVES-HD-8011, WAVES-HD-8011C Product Update Notice
PS-6 and PS-8 8/7/2015 PS-8-LP Product Update Notice

AMT-241575W-FR, AMT-241575W-FW, AMT-241575W-NW,

AMT-241575W-FR-NYC, AMT-241575W-FR-NYC




Product Update Notice
CH70-241575W-FR, CH70-241575W-FW
8/7/2015 CH70-24MCW-FR, CH70-24MCW-FW Product Update Notice
E50-241575W-FR, E50-241575W-FW 8/8/2015 E50-24MCW-FR  E50-24MCW-FW
Product Update Notice
E50H-241575W-FR, E50H-241575W-FW 8/7/2015 E50H-24MCW-FR, E50H-24MCW-FW Product Update Notice
E70-241575W-FR,  E70-241575W-FW 8/7/2015 E70-24MCW-FR, E70-24MCW-FW
Product Update Notice
E70H-241575W-FW 8/7/2015 E70H-24MCW-FW Product Update Notice
ET70-241575W-ALR, ET70-241575W-FR, ET70-241575W-FW 8/7/2015 ET70-24MCW-ALR, ET70-24MCW-FR, ET70-24MCW-FW Product Update Notice
ET80-241575W-FR, ET80-241575W-FW 8/7/2015 ET80-24MCW-FR, ET80-24MCW-FW Product Update Notice
HS4-241575W-FR, HS4-241575W-FW 8/7/2015 HS4-24MCW-FR, HS4-24MCW-FW Product Update Notice
MT-241575W-AR, MT-241575W-FR, MT-241575W-FW, MT-241575W-NW  
8/7/2015 MT-24MCW-AR, MT-24MCW-FR, MT-24MCW-FW, MT-24MCW-NW, Product Update Notice
RSS-241575W-FR, RSS-241575W-FW, RSS-241575W-AR 8/7/2015 RSS-24MCW-FR, RSS-24MCW-FW, RSS-24MCW-AR Product Update Notice
RSSP-241575W-FR, RSSP-241575W-FW 8/7/2015 RSSP-24MCW-FR, RSSP-24MCW-FW Product Update Notice
WAVES TRX-based products 2/14/2014 Varies per System Product Transition Notice
SOL-160-G, SOL-160-S, SOL-80-G, SOL-80-S, SOL-80-T 1/17/2014 SOL-260-G and SOL-260-S for certain models Discontinuation Notice
WMU 1.0 6/27/2013 WMU 1.1.1 Update Notice
ASR, CLR, DB, FLS, MID, MIN, SLS, SQA 6/27/2013   Discontinuation Notice
MSPT 4/17/13 MSA Discontinuation Notice
ST-B4-1 2/1/2013   Discontinuation Notice
EPS-1205 11/21/2012    

EMP-221-WRX & EMP-221-WTX

10/19/2012   Discontinuation Notice
IBS-001 9/17/2012 IBS-3121 Discontinuation Notice
HPSA-7100 Series 5/15/2012 HPSA-7100-R Series  
PRM-150 4/30/2011   Discontinuation Notice
NSPW, NSP, NATP Appliance Cover Plates
WR-AT1-W 4/30/2011    
SM-12/24-R 7/7/2011 DSM-12/24 Update Notice
CH-AT1-W 7/7/2011 UTA-1 Update Notice
CH-AT2-W 7/7/2011 UTA-1 Update Notice
CH-BT1 7/7/2011 UTA-1 Update Notice
CH-BT2 7/7/2011 UTA-1 Update Notice
CA-312-1 6/26/2011   Update Notice
CA-622-1 6/26/2011   Update Notice
DCI-24-24 6/26/2011   Update Notice
MAX-A 6/26/2011   Update Notice
MAX-B 6/26/2011   Update Notice
MAX-C 6/26/2011   Update Notice
MAX-R 6/26/2011   Update Notice
STWS 7/7/2011 STW Update Notice
STRS 7/7/2011 STR Update Notice
HNRS 7/7/2011 HNR Update Notice
HNWS 7/7/2011 HNW Update Notice
HSRCS 7/7/2011 HSRC Update Notice
HSWCS 7/7/2011 HSWC Update Notice
STRCS 7/7/2011 STRC Update Notice
STWCS 7/7/2011 STWC Update Notice
HNRCS 7/7/2011 HNRC Update Notice
HNWCS 7/7/2011 HNWC Update Notice