Technical Engineering Application Support Documents

Document Number
Ex-002-17  (dwg);(pdf) Explosion proof horn, Up to 115 dB output wiring
Ex-004-17(dwg);(pdf Strobe -Hazardous Location XB16 wiring 2017
Line Loss  Tools to assist in calculating line loss for both NAC and Audio circuits 2017
Ex-003-17 (dwg);(pdf) Explosion proof horn and Strobe combo Db3/Xb11 wiring 2017
T-002-17 (dwg);(pdf) Uta-1 used on a digital telephone 2017
Intelligibility Example of ambient noise level and effect on intelligibility  2017
Lit-001-17 Why is the SA (self amplified) speaker perfect for sensitive areas? 2017
M-001-17 (dwg);(pdf) Sample Mass Notification 2017
T-001-17 (dwg);(pdf) MB D.C BELL used on analog telephone  2017
Ex-001-17  (dwg); (pdf) High power explosion proof loudspeaker, Up to 117 dB output Wiring



F-003-17  (dwg);(pdf) LFHSK Code 3/4 Operation  2017
F-004-17 (dwg);(pdf) Ps-8lp connection with obsolete power supplies      2017
 F-002-17 (dwg);(pdf)  Voice evac Retail Application   2017
F-001-17 (dwg); (pdf) Safepath 4 wire mode (block diagram)  2017