Instructor Led Training Courses & MNS Services

Certified Training Courses

Provided by certified instructors, Eaton' training program offers the highest level of information needed to effectively sell, survey, configure, deploy, install and maintain Eaton's Mass Notification Systems (MNS) for Emergency Communications.

Each of Eaton's training courses provides the participant with an interactive hands-on educational experience. At the end of each course, participants must complete a practical and written test to receive Eaton's Certificate of Achievement valid for (1) year.

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Mass Notification services

In addition to our training courses, Eaton also offers a variety of services for its WAVES MNS, including

  • WAVES Manufacturer Verification Program (MVP)
  • WAVES Technical Site Survey
  • WAVES Installation Design Plan
  • WAVES Commissioning Services
  • WAVES Audio Design Layout Services
  • WAVES Project Management Services
  • WAVES Records Drawing
  • WAVES QA Services

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Current Training Courses

Course Title Course Description Hours

WAVES 8 Basic Field Technician

Successful completion of this course will certify the student to safely survey, configure, install, and program a WAVES MNS solution, using the most common components of the system. 


This course is intended for the technician, field engineer, installer, and designer with previous training on SAFEPATH. 

On-site Training Operator or abridged Administrator available Call