SAFEPATH Telephone Zone Controller


The SAFEPATH Telephone Zone Controller (SP4-TZC) is designed to access individual or multiple speaker zones throughout the SAFEPATH4 Multi-Function Facility Communication System via the telephone. The SP4-TZC shall can support up to 17 SP4-APS speaker splitter modules and address all zones at once (“All Call”), a maximum of 68 separate zones, 17 fixed zone groups and 9 programmed logical zone groups.  Also, the SP4-TZC can select zones for background music.

  • Auto programmable and custom user programmable (for logical zones)
  • All call or selected zone(s) telephone paging
  • Background music (BGM) zone(s) selectable
  • Telephone input and background music (BGM) input
Catalog Number SP4-TZC
Power 24VDC
Dimensions 13”H x 7.6”W x 2.15”D
Color Black
Installation Wall mountable
Inputs Power, USB port, Background Music (BGM), Page Audio in
Outputs Audio out and RS485 Digital Control.