SAFEPATH Audio Boosters


Supervised Power Boosters

The SAFEPATH Supervised Audio and Audio/Strobe Power Boosters with 24VDC battery backup capabilities are designed for the SAFEPATH4 Voice Evacuation System and SAFEPATH Mass Notification System to provide for additional supervised audio power for live voice or pre-recorded messages. Multiple SPB-320, SPB-160 and SPB-80/4 Audio Boosters can be inter-connected to accommodate large installations with supervised audio power and also supervised and synchronized strobe power requirements.

  • SPB-320 - 320 Watt Supervised Audio Power Booster includes four 80 watt circuits
  • SPB-160 - 160 Watt Supervised Audio Power Booster includes two 80 watt circuits
  • SPB-80/4 - 80 Watt Supervised Audio Power Booster includes  one 80 watt circuit and two 2 amp strobe circuits (4 amps total)
Catalog Number SPB-320, SPB-160, SPB-80/4
Audio Input SPB-320 - 2.4 Watts; SPB-160 and SPB-80/4 - 1.2 Watts
Maximum Audio Power 5,280 Watts
System Power 120VAC, 3.8A, 60 Hz input
System Activation Audio 70V or 25V input from SP40S or SPMNS; 1 Volt input from SP4-RMX
System Activation Strobe (SP-80/4) 8 - 33VDC NAC input connected to the strobe input
SPB-160, SPB-80/4 Physical 21"H x 16"W x 6"D; 36 lbs (without batteries)
SPB-320 Physical 36"H x 24"W x 6" D; 80 lbs (without batteries)
Standards UL 2572 for MNS, UL Standard 1711 and UL Standard 864, 9th edition