SAFEPATH Addressable Paging Splitter


The SAFEPATH Addressable Paging Splitter (SP4-APS) was designed to control selectable paging and background music (BGM) connected to the SAFEPATH4 Multi-Function Facility Communication and Emergency Voice Evacuation System using an RS485 connection.  It allows selections of speaker zones via a telephone keypad (DTMF tones).

  • One SP4-TZC (controller) can control up to 17 SP4-APS (splitters)
  • USB connection for logical zone grouping and BGM programming (supports Windows 2000 and Windows XP)
  • Up to 9 logical zones, (a logical zone is a user selected group of up to 5 zones, individual or fixed)
  • RS-485 digital control to the SP4-APS speaker splitters
  • Connects to the SP40S or SP40/2 via the BGM input
Catalog Number SP4Z-APS
Power Operates on 24 VDC, supplied by the SP40S, SP40/2, SPB-80/4, SPB-160, SPB-320
Audio Input 25 Vrms or 70.7 Vrms at a maximum of 80 Watts
Audio Output Handles 40 watts of supervised audio per zone
Installation Mounts inside the SP40S, SP40/2, SPB-80/4, SPB-160 or SPB-320
Approvals UL Standard 864, 9th edition listed
LED Indicators 16 LED indicators used to monitor and troubleshoot the module