ALERiTY's IP-Based Mass Notification Systems

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WAVES Mass Notification

Protect, alert and inform, your most critical resources, your people, with Eaton's end-to-end IP communications network for site-wide and multi-site mass notification.


Eaton features a new line of integrated, IP network-based Mass Notification Systems (MNS).  WAVES, part of the ALERiTY platform, offers a one-click solution that can launch critical messages simultaneously across in-building and wide-area MNS. The advanced IP technology provides unmatched reliability, ease-of-use, and interoperability for organizations seeking the utmost in emergency communications.

Supporting the highest standards of network security, the latest ALERiTY solution features both wired and wireless IP solutions.  The WAVES mass notification network is comprised of a collection of secure, robust and reliable Ethernet communication devices, IP Communicators (IPC).  This enterprise system solution allows organizations to leverage their Local Area Network (LAN) or utilize the private network of the IPC to send audible, visual and data messages via a Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) multicast stream. Through Ethernet radios, a wireless solution is also available for agnostic communications.

Key Differences

  • End-to-end IP communications network for site-wide and multi-site mass notification
  • Easy-to-Use: One click solution with the ability to remotely access GUI from anywhere
  • Unified interoperable IP-based MNS platform that integrates with other life safety systems
  • Fully redundant client-server architecture with multiple points of command and control through web-client GUI
  • Meets Life Safety requirements, including seamless system recovery and system supervision
  • Easy to install and maintain with remote access and monitoring

Product Line

Major components include: 

The IBS-0300-HD, IPC-8001 and NAB-0300 product lines are available to upgrade current WAVES customers with a hybrid solution that supports both 2.4 GHz and IP infrastructures. The HPSA-IPC-KIT is available to upgrade HPSA-3100 series to IP-based HPSAs.

ALERiTY Integrated, IP-based MNS Solutions Overview Brochure

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