Speakers & Speaker Strobe Appliances

Eaton's Cooper Notification business manufactures a variety of speaker and speaker strobe appliances for In-Building Mass Notification Communications.  Designed for emergency communications, the models feature high efficiency sound output.

Cluster Speakers

Cluster speakers designed for indoor and outdoor applications where voice and visual alerting is required in high ambient noise environments


Speaker appliances designed for high efficiency sound output feature a variety of models with field selectable input voltage, field selectable taps, low profile designs, and wall or ceiling mounting to meet any application requirements

Speaker Strobes

Speaker appliances designed for life safety, voice evacution and mass notification systems.  Models feature high efficiency sound output, field selectable input voltage, taps and candela settings, and low profile designs.

Supervised Bi-Directional Loudspeakers

WAVES Supervised Bi-directional Loudspeakers (BDLS-25-30-S and BDLS-70-30-S) provide effective and electronic signal transmission of emergency voice communications and tone signaling. Ideal for wall or ceiling installation for corridors and walkways, the projection loudspeakers function as protective warning devices in multi-occupancy and expanded space areas.

EMNA - Emergency Mass Notification Appliances

The Emergency Mass Notification Appliance (EMNA) is a combination speaker strobe appliance for both fire alarm and mass notification.  It consists of 1 E70 or ET70 Multicandela Wall Speaker Strobe, 1 RSSP Colored Lens Strobe Plate (Amber, Blue, Green or Red) and 1 ISP-2 and/ or SPL-2 backbox.