Autonomous Control Unit (ACU-8421) - IP Network


Supervised Voice Evacuation System

Eaton’s Autonomous Control Unit (ACU-8421), part of the ALERiTY integrated MNS platform, is a supervised, multi-use, In-Building Emergency Communications System, which provides paging, background music, messaging, and emergency voice communications with 24 VDC battery backup.

The Individual Building System provides full control of building notification appliances such as loudspeakers and strobe lights. The ACU-8411 includes a SAFEPATH (SP40S); IP Communicator (IPC-8020), an Ethernet communication network device; interface; and cable. The ACU-8421 can be controlled and monitored through the WAVES over IP (WoIP) Integrated Base Station, which can send messages to one ACU-8421 or multiple ACUs. Eaton-approved radios can be added to provide wireless communications, operating in either a 5.8 GHz frequency band (RADIO-500G) or 900 MHz ISM band (RADIO-900M). 

  • Integrates with WAVES over IP MNS for site-wide communications; wired and wireless IP network options available
  • Integrates with fire alarm systems
  • Continuous self-monitoring - BIT (Built-In Test) information from the WAVES ACU is transmitted to the WAVES Integrated Base Station (IBS)
  • Live Microphone override
  • 8 Digital Recorded Messages (Stored locally); Unlimited messages from the IBS
Material Number ACU-8421
Components SAFEPATH (SP40S), IPC-8020, Cable, SAFEPATH Interface Card, Battery included with some models.
Audio Power 40W supervised audio power
Speaker System 25V or 70.7V, selectable
Frequency Response 200-10 kHz +/- 3dB; meets UL Voice Evacuation Requirement of 800 - 2800 Hz
Frequency Response Microphone 225-8kHz +/- 3dB; meets UL Voice Evacuation Requirement of 800 - 2800 Hz
Batteries 24 VDC rechargeable battery back-up power circuitry built-in; Can be housed in the enclosure (Up to two 12 volt, 12 ampere hour batteries; Actual battery size required will depend on speaker and/or strobe load.)
Strobe Power 2 amps of synchronized strobe power on board with the option of adding additional out board strobe power supply
Dimensions SP40S - 21”H x 16"W x 6"D; 53 H x 41W x 15D cm/36 lbs. (16 kg) without batteries/Red enclosure; IPC-8000: 17 H x 15 W x 5.5 D in; 43.8 x 38.1 x 13.97cm, IPC-8000/12 lbs (44 kg)


  • Approvals: SP40S - UL Standard 864, 9th edition; UL Standard 1711; California State Fire Marshal; and New York City, FCC Part 15/ICES; IPC-8000 - TÜV certification - UL/CSA/EN 60950-1, FCC Part 15/ICES
  • Compliance: OSHA 1910.165 and ADA Compliant
  • Option to program predefined scripts in response to ACU fault and alarm events
  • Full system supervision