Wireless Broadband Radio (RADIO-500G)


High-speed Broadband Radio

The WAVES RADIO-500G, part of the ALERiTY integrated Mass Notification platform, is a high-speed broadband radio that provides wireless connections between Ethernet devices and/or Ethernet wired networks (LANs). The RADIO-500G can be used for communication to end nodes (i.e. HPSA-8100-R and ACU-8421 series) as well as a bridge. The Eaton approved radio can be added to any IPC2 node within the WAVES Mass Notification System for wireless communications.  The IPC2 must be connected to an IPC2 for power and supervision.

  • Operates in the 5.8 GHz frequency band
  • Provides infrastructure placement flexibility; Extending reach - up to 6 miles line of sight
  • Supports transparent bridge mode and mesh network
  • Can be configured as point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, relay, repeater and hybrid topologies
  • Superior diagnostic tools, including antenna alignment, length strength, white list and black list filtering, and programmable meshing
Material Number RADIO-500G
Master Radio (IPC2 and RADIO-500G) At least 1 Master Radio (Mesh End) per site is required when adding wireless end nodes
Frequency Band 5150 - 5350 MHz/ 5470 - 5825 MHz 4940 - 4990 MHz
Line of Sight 6+ miles/ 10+ km @ 630 mW; Range may extend with antennas
Radio power input Supports input from IPC2 only
Max Power TX: 8 Watts; RX: 5 Watts
Weight 25 oz/700 gr
Dimensions 6.59 H x 5.21 W x 2.39 D (inches) / 167.4 x 132.4 x 60.5 (mm)
Mounting Options For required mounting options and accessories, please contact your local sales representative