IP Communicator (IPC-8001) - Hybrid Network


Adding IP to Existing WAVES Network

IP Communicators (IPCs) are secure, robust and reliable Ethernet communication devices.  To upgrade an existing WAVES 2.4 GHz system to an IP infrastruce, an IPC-8001 is required in addition to upgrading the WAVES Integrated Base Station with an IBS-0333-HD. The IPC-8001 is only used for hybrid systems (combination of TRXs and IPCs).

Wired directly to a LAN or through its own private network, the IPC sends audible, visual and data messages via an RTP multicast stream. It provides wired connections between IPCs and/or Eaton approved wireless devices (RADIO-500G and RADIO-900M). 

  • End-to-end IP communications network for site-wide communications
  • LAN-based device that can reside on either an organization’s current network infrastructure or on its own private network
  • Each IPC unit has a unique address and is individually software-controlled from the IBS
  • Supervision and monitoring with auto-diagnostics; Online network diagnostics and configuration
Material Number IPC-8001
Components Desktop enclosure that includes 2 IPCs, which is wired to the IBS-0333-HD
Required Product The IBS-0333-HD is required to operate with the IPC-8001; IBS-0333-HD-IPC includes the IPC-8001
Ethernet Port 10/ 100 Base-T; 4 x RJ45 - IEEE 802.3
IP Infrastructure RTP and RTCP for audio and transmission
Supervision & Monitoring Each IPC unit conducts supervisory built-in self-tests (BIT) that are reported to the IBS, where they are displayed and logged
Dimensions/Weight 7 H x 17 W x 22 D in (20.3 x 43 x 62.4 cm)/40 lbs (22 kg)
Certification TÜV certification - UL/CSA/EN 60950-1