Advanced Central Control System - IP Network

WAVES over IP Integrated Base Station & Software

The WAVES over IP advanced configurable control systems, which include an Integrated Base Station (IBS-8400 product line) and WAVES 8 software (WAVES-HD-8000 series), provide secure activation of audible, visual and data messages and status monitoring of the MNS. The system can operate as a stand-alone MNS or be integrated with other communication, fire and security systems for improved situational awareness.

Features include:

  • Easy-to-Use:  One click solution to launch all indoor, outdoor and personal alerting systems with the ability to remotely access GUI from anywhere
  • Secure, robust and reliable Ethernet communications network; Both wired and wireless IP network solutions for agnostic communications
  • Multiple points of command and control through Web-client GUI
  • Interoperability with life safety and security systems
  • Supports highest network security standards and encryption -256-bit AES
  • Easy to maintain and install with remote monitoring reports and the ability to remotely upload upgrades
  • Backup server available for additional system redundancy

ALERiTY Integrated, IP-based MNS Overview Brochure

Material Number IBS-8432 (120V), IBS-8432-220 (230V), WAVES-HD-8011 (Server software), WAVES-HD-8011C (Command Center software), IBS-8432-BU (Backup Server), IBS-8432-BU-220 (Backup Server)
IBS-8432 Components IP Communicator (IPC); Computer Processor, Audio/data Unit; Push-to-talk microphone with All-call Switch; Keyboard and mouse; Uninterruptible Power Supply. WAVES-HD-8000 series (WAVES 8 software and removable hard drive), sold separately, is required for operation of the IBS. LCD Monitor is also sold separately.
Communications Secure, robust and reliable Ethernet communications network, wired and wireless IP solutions
Redundancy Fully redundant MNS Solution that offers multiple points of command & control through web-client GUI; 5 users can be simultaneously logged onto the system
GIS Map Interface Interactive map with geographic unit selection to send alerts and color-coded status of each node in the IP network and its EOLD (speaker arrays, strobes, display signs)
Interoperability Integrates with communication, fire and security systems; Advanced API available with full-featured bidirectional interoperability
Security Supports the highest network security standards with 256-bit AES and features dynamic role-based password protection.
Supervision & Monitoring Each IPC unit conducts supervisory built-in self-tests (BIT) that are reported to the IBS, where they are displayed and logged
Certification IBS-8432 has TÜV certification - UL/CSA/EN 60950-1