WAVES Integrated Base Station (IBS-0330-HD) - Hybrid Network


Advanced Central Control System

The Integrated Base Stations, IBS-0330-HD product line, are advanced configurable control systems that upgrade an existing WAVES IBS with WAVES 8 software.  It supports a hybrid solution –communicating to both 2.4 GHz and IP infrastructures with the addition of an IPC-8001.  The IBS-0330-HD series provides secure activation of audible, visual and data messages and status monitoring of the MNS. The system can operate as a stand-alone MNS or be integrated with other communication, fire and security systems for improved situational awareness.

Other features include:

  • Easy-to-Use:  One click solution to launch all indoor, outdoor and personal alerting systems
  • Remotely access GUI from anywhere 
  • Multiple points of command and control through Web-client GUI
  • Interoperable with other life safety and security systems
  • Supports highest network security standards and encryption -256-bit AES

ALERiTY Integrated MNS Solutions Overview Brochure

Material Number IBS-0333-HD, IBS-0333-HD-IPC (includes IPC-8001)
Components Computer processor, Audio/data Unit; Push-to-talk microphone with All-call Switch; and WAVES-HD-8021 (WAVES 8.2 Server software and removable hard drive) included. Monitor sold separately. The IBS-0333-HD-IPC includes the IPC-8001.
Hybrid Communications 2.4 GHz Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum and Ethernet communications network with the addition of an IPC-8001
Redundancy Fully redundant MNS Solution that offers multiple points of command & control through web-client GUI
GIS Map Interactive map with geographic unit selection to send alerts and color-coded status of each node in the IP network and its EOLD (speaker arrays, strobes, display signs)
Interoperability Integrates with communication, fire and security systems; Advanced API available with full-featured bidirectional interoperability
Security Supports 256-bit AES and features dynamic role-based password protection
Supervision and monitoring Each IPC unit conducts supervisory built-in self-tests (BIT) that are reported to the IBS, where they are displayed and logged
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Specifications IBS-0333-HD
Literature ALERiTY IP-based Mass Notifcation Solutions