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Protect. Alert. Inform.

Our reliable and proven emergency communications solutions are designed to serve your mass transportation hub needs today and well into the future.


Ports, airports and other mass transit hubs are the backbone of world-wide trade and the continuance of a smooth operation is essential to the global economy.  Millions of people work and visit mass transit areas daily and can be exposed to all types of threats: weather-related, terrorist activity, perimeter breech, industrial accidents, or blackouts.  If a serious incident occurs or is imminent at your port or airport, how will you provide specific emergency information to all personnel and the public when seconds count?

Key components to the protection of personnel and critical infrastructure are integrated Life Safety and Mass Notification Systems (MNS). Eaton's reliable and proven solutions are designed to alert, warn and inform people within seconds of what to do in the event of an emergency. Our solutions broadcast live and recorded voice messages, safety sirens, text and desktop messages and visual and audible alerts via secure networks that continue to operate during any disaster. Whether inside an office, warehouse, baggage claim area or pier side, those in immediate threat areas can be alerted quickly and accurately.

Our solutions include:

  • Emergency and Security Alerts  - For indoor and outdoor evacuation and warnings, alert employees,  visitors and the public within surrounding areas of the dangerous situation.
  • Emergency management – Mobilize key personnel and first responders such as police, fire,  and EMS teams
  • Perimeter Breech - Broadcast messages to individuals who have entered secure areas.
  • Protect Critical Infrastructure during all hazards and events
  • Alarm and Emergency Signaling
  • Condition Signaling
  • Weather alerts – Relay critical communications to personnel and tenants 
  • Closings/Openings - Communicate transportation hub closings and opening