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Life Safety Solutions

In the event of a natural disaster or HAZMAT spill, our solutions provide critical messages that are specific to the situation, specific to the area affected and in real time.


From Explosion Proof Notification Appliances to Emergency Communications Systems, Eaton offers an expansive portfolio of products and services, providing safety and security to industrial facilities.

In the event of a natural disaster, chemical attack, HAZMAT spill or perimeter breech, our proven reliable Life Safety and Mass Notification System (MNS) solutions enable emergency and security managers to provide critical audible and visual messages that are specific to the situation, specific to the area affected and in real time.

Our solutions include:

Customer Success Story - Peru LNG

  • Interoperable Communications - Existing security and life safety systems and local information sources can be integrated with Cooper Notification’s MNS for improved system management and situation awareness.
  • Increase situational awareness - Roam Secure Information Exchange (RSIX) aggregates data from a variety of sources such as National Weather Service, Department of Transportation, DHS, and CDC, making critical information instantly available.  
  • Reduce alerting time - Automated alerting through RSIX reduces time to generate and send alerts, while reducing administrative burden on senders.
  • Strengthen communication between local police and fire department and other organizations such as surrounding healthcare facilities through RSIX, an interoperable communications solution,  to effectively respond to threats.
  • Intelligible Communications - Featuring industry-leading intelligibility, WAVES broadcasts crystal, clear voice messages, tones and sirens over large geographic outdoor areas
  • Security - Relied on by the highest level of government, systems are designed with role-based access and feature highly secure platforms across multiple Tier III+ secure facilities