Local and State Governments

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Emergency Communications

Providing critical communications for communities worldwide our Mass Notification solutions are designed to protect, alert and inform you most critical asset, your people.


Fast, reliable and intelligible communications are essential for community preparedness, response and recovery.  Eaton's Life Safety and MNS solutions empower local and state governments to quickly and efficiently send emergency alerts and instructions when time is of the essence.  Whether mobilizing first responders or informing residents of evacuation procedures or notifying employees of an emergency, you can rely on Eaton's integrated emergency communication systems to instantly communicate to everyone – anytime, anywhere.  

Our solutions include:

  • Interoperable Communications - Existing security and life safety systems and local information sources can be integrated with Eaton’s MNS for improved system management and situation awareness.
  • Increase situational awareness with Eaton's interoperable ALERiTY mass notification platform 
  • Reduce alerting time - Automated alerting through RSIX reduces time to generate and send alerts, while reducing administrative burden on senders.
  • Multiple points of command and control with web-client GUI for system redundancy
  • Intelligible Communications - Featuring industry-leading intelligibility, WAVES broadcasts crystal, clear voice messages, tones and sirens over large geographic outdoor areas
  • Highest Levels of Security - 256-bit AES;  Dynamic  role-based password protection; Multiple user roles and privileges