Roam Secure Alert Network

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Interoperable distributed recipient communications - text, email, voice, desktop notification


Whether mobilizing first responders, informing residents of evacuation procedures or notifying employees of an emergency, Eaton's Cooper Notification award-winning Roam Secure Alert Network® (RSAN®) allows you to send alerts and potentially life-saving instructions to unlimited communication devices simultaneously and from a single web page. Reach tens, hundreds or hundreds of thousands of people instantaneously with web-based RSAN, a secure and reliable, two-way mass notification solution.

As the leading expert in secure information sharing.  Roam Secure features interoperable emergency communications, allowing users to communicate seamlessly across government agencies and other organizations.  When public safety is at risk, rely on Eaton's Cooper Notification high-speed, emergency notification system, RSAN, to instantly communicate to everyone – anytime, anywhere.

RSAN is one component of the Cooper Notification product suite, the only complete and integrated mass notification solution which also includes WAVES Wide-Area Mass Notification System, , and SAFEPATH indoor voice evacuation system.