When doing business with us, you have access to business tools and innovative technology to help reduce transaction costs and maximize profitability.  An optimized supply chain can be achieved through an efficient electronic flow of order information, accurate inventory management and easy access to real-time information.


My.Eaton.com is a new, secure website for our customers that improves productivity and supports growth and sales with easy access to sales and marketing information. Providing personalized access to electrical solutions, our customers are able to access all the Eaton solutions in one place. My.Eaton.com is a single point of entry to access Eaton’s expanded product and services portfolio, training programs, marketing programs, events, tools and resources, order management information and links to the existing capabilities of Bid Manager, Cooper Customer Center (C3) and Vista on the Web (VOTW).

Now, C3 can be accessed through My.Eaton.com. The easy-to-use application provides real-time product availability, pricing, order status, tracking and more. It's simple, fast and accurate. Designed to save you time and help you make informed business decisions.

Visit My.Eaton.com to log in or request access today.

Electronic Data Interface (EDI)

Electronic Data Interchange is the structured, electronic transmission of business transactions, such as purchase orders and invoices, between computer systems. The technology supports a wide variety of business documents. EDI systems require the most investment to set up, but create one of the most integrated business links between Eaton and its trading partners. Exchanging EDI documents with our customers allows both the customers and us to recognize many benefits.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Vendor managed inventory allows customers to take advantage of automated replenishment from Eaton. This process is a crucial element of profitability and VMI helps reduce the amount of inventory needed on hand by enabling just in-time orders as well as minimizing stock-out potential. Most importantly, forecasting becomes centralized and the supply chain is shortened by keeping the right amount of products in stock and reductions in transaction costs.  

Industry Data Warehouse (IDW)

Eaton is a supply partner of the IDW and strives to be best in class as an E-Commerce partner in the marketplace. This means centralized access to electronically synchronize product information to our customers. We provide error free, standard data that you, our customer, can access to promote Cooper products in any media format. Eaton data is available to authorized IDW demand partners.